Friday, 21 June 2013

Another update!

I have just finished reading Evil Woman by Carol Creasey and I thoroughly enjoyed it, (see my feedback on Amazon). The editing errors in my novel The Witness have now been corrected so Im pleased to report that copies purchased from now on should be error free, (hopefully)! Sales of both my books continue slowly, but I have not yet sold a single copy of The Belgae Torc on Kindle. The Witness should be out on Kindle soon, still negotiating with my publisher on that one. The second book in The Torc Trilogy is creeping along steadily, I'm working on the 50,000 words already written, editing and picking up the threads of the story. The last time I worked on this manuscript was November last year as since then all my time has been taken up editing and preparing The Witness for publication. Luckily I have loads of notes and a bulging research file to help me get to grips with the sequel so it won't be long before I'm moving the plot forward. On that note I have better say cheerio and get on with some work. Until next time have fun and keep on reading.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Witness update

I have just sent a file off to my publisher with details regarding changes to be made to my novel The Witness. The first batch of 100 books was printed for my book launch and the feedback was very good. The writing style seems to have pleased everyone and the plot is gripping enough to exercise the imagination, but of course there are a few dreaded editing errors and a couple of typo's! Next week changes will be made, so if you are looking to purchase a copy from Amazon or other bookshop and you want what will soon be a rare first issue copy, with warts and all, then buy now. If you prefer a copy with no errors, then wait a week or so. Happy reading whatever it is!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Anyone seen my Yacht?

I bought this great jacket last weekend to wear at my mates wedding reception.  My wife thought I was mad, but loads of people loved it.  One person was convinced I was part of the entertainment though!  I don't know if she thought I was a musician or a comedian!

Book Launch, Evil Woman by Carol M. Creasey

Last week I attended to the book launch of 'Evil Woman'.  Carol Creasey, the author of this very exciting thriller asked me to take along some of my books and during the evening I sold a few.
It was so nice to talk with people who have already read my first book, The Belgae Torc, and to get feedback.
Evil Woman is available on Amazon or order from good bookshops.