Thursday, 29 May 2014

Introducing The Gordian Knot

I have to apologise for the quality of the pictures in this blog.  I tried everything to load up images from my computer, but for some reason the files were not compatible so I had to use dodgy photographs instead.

This is the cover of my next book The Gordian Knot.  It's the second part in the Torc Trilogy, the first book being The Belgae Torc.

This is a poster of the synopsis that will be displayed at my book launch.

The manuscript is almost ready to go.  The proof readers are due to return it to me this weekend and once I've made a few minor changes it will be ready for the publisher.  The book should be available from Amazon on Kindle and Paperback from the middle of July, you will also be able to order from all good bookshops.

The official book launch will be on Saturday August 2nd, invitations are currently being prepared.
At the launch I intend to raffle off two characters, one Female and one Male.  The winners will have the opportunity to have their name assigned to these characters and appear in the final part of the trilogy.  All money raised will go to a nominated charity.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

New Book Launch Venue

Whitstable Rugby Club

I have finally secured a venue for my book launch.  This year it will be held on Saturday 2nd August at Whitstable Rugby Club.  This is my old club, I used to play for Whitstable and also coach the Mini and Junior section.  I was fixture secretary for the Mini and Juniors, and was a member of the committee for about twelve years.  I left all that behind in 2002 and have not been back to the clubhouse since, so it was a trip down memory lane when I called in there last week to make the arrangements for my book launch.
The rugby club is bigger than where I usually hold my events and it also benefits from having its own car park.  Parking in the town is a premium and during July and August the place is usually full of visitors.  The rugby club is easier to find, and as I have more and more guests attending each year it was important to find an alternative and bigger venue.

Latest news on progress.

  • The book cover has now been agreed and it looks great.
  • The manuscript is undergoing proofreading and comments coming back are very good.
  • Promotion opportunities are under way with an appearance at Canterbury library on 1st November.
  • My publisher is helping me to promote my books in libraries across Britain and Canterbury want copies of the book as soon as its available.
I am now busy researching for the next book in The Torc Trilogy.  I'm itching to write the first chapter but am holding back as there are loads of things I need to do in the run up to the launch.  I also have to update my website, so busy, busy, busy!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Manuscript, research notes and hand written notebooks.

From my previous blog about the manuscript, I am pleased to be able to post the completed article.  116,386 words, 472 pages (almost a ream of paper), and numerous books of hand written script.

The novel complete.

This one is for the proofreaders. 

Research notes crammed into a large file.  I also used some of the notes from the Belgae Torc file, (the first book in the Torc Trilogy)

I always write the first draft by hand, I find it more intimate than typing directly onto my laptop, my ideas seem to flow better, besides I love notebooks and pens.  I can't stop myself from going into every stationary shop I see and buying notebooks.  The little book on top of the file is crammed with thoughts and ideas, also hand written research notes.  Each one of my novels has one of these little books dedicated to it.  This was invaluable and followed me around everywhere.  It is where ideas first appeared before being expanded into the script.  There is of course loads of stuff in there that didn't make it into the book, but these ideas may be useful for the next part of the trilogy.