Thursday, 14 March 2013

Profile picture

This is the profile picture that will go into my next novel 'The Witness'.  My publisher thinks it's a good idea to have a picture of me alongside my biography at the back of the book.  Not sure I agree!
This has been cropped from a photo taken at my last book launch.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Another news update!

The launch of my second novel 'The Witness' has been confirmed for 4th May.  I am almost ready to send the final draft to my publisher.  The artwork for the cover is done but have not yet seen the finished version.
Sales of 'The Belgae Torc' are a little slow, but what can you expect at this time of the year?  The e-book version became available a couple of weeks ago but as yet no one has been tempted.
Sales in America continue slowly and I'm still waiting for feedback on Amazon.
I'm so pleased to see people from all over the world reading my blog.  Thank you for dropping in and don't forget to leave me a message.