Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Book Launch

The launch of my book The Gordian Knot was held at Whitstable Rugby Club on Saturday evening (2nd August). About 50 guests were invited and the evening went very well.
The table was full of research notes, edited manuscripts, advertising leaflets and hand written text that went to make up the final paperback.

Books piled up ready to sign
Both books in the Torc Trilogy, just one more left to write.
My speech notes can be seen on the left of the table.  The envelopes hold character profiles.  I raffled off two characters to help raise money for charity.  These characters will appear in the next book.
A transcript of an interview I did with Kimberly Eve.  It appeared on her blog; Kimberly Eve Musings of a Writer and also on Facebook.  It can be read on my website.
Artwork and ideas that went into creating the cover.  The Celtic or Trinity knot looks splendid against the black background of the book cover.
Some of my guests being bored by my speech!
Signing books.
Me 'dancing around' whilst speaking!