Wednesday, 29 April 2015

April update and a weather rant!

The weather here has turned quite cold in the south of England after a rather lovely couple of weeks.  Spring flowers continue to colour the gardens and blossom is appearing on trees, but the temperature has dropped and of course as a bank holiday weekend approaches the weather does not look at all promising.   At lease it’s not as bad here as in some parts of northern England. 
Anyway, rant over, so on the subject of my next novel, the third book in The Torc Trilogy, last week I actually managed to write 3000 words.  Because of moving house and all the upset that goes with that, I found that I have not had the head space to write.  Over the last few weeks I have managed to edit the first 30,000 words and begin to pick up the many threads running through the plot.  This enabled me to write last week, so hopefully now with this kick start I will be able to meet my new deadline of October.
I so want to complete this novel as I want to continue writing my next book.  It's called The Cellist and is the second in a group of novels which started with The Witness.  Each book in this group, (there will be five), overlap.  The idea is that they are not sequels but characters from one book turn up in the next and each storyline overlaps.  The books are in the Psychological Thriller genre quite unlike the Torc Trilogy which are historical/modern day and are Action Adventure stories.
Well enough about my books, wherever you are and whatever you have planned for the weekend, I hope you have fun and keep reading novels.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Back to work.

With the Easter holidays now almost a distant memory, its time to get back to work.
Unfortunately I mean 'the day job'. 
During the holiday I only managed to write about 1000 words.  I was hoping for much more, but there are still plenty of jobs that need doing around the house and garden.
At least by having time off work the plot for my next book began to flow again, all I need to do is keep the momentum going and complete the book.  My deadline was supposed to be Easter, but with moving house earlier this year I found I had no head space left for writing so now the regenotiated deadline is October, just in time for the christmas market!
I will let you know how it pregresses.