Friday, 25 September 2015

A splendid review

I must share with you this wonderful review; it is for my book The Belgae Torc.  Reviews like this makes all the time and effort spent writing a novel worth while.  It thrills me when my work touches another persons soul and compells them to write such a great review.

A Curse Which Crosses Millennia
The Belgae Torc is at its heart an adventure story. However, it’s a lot more than that. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the story moved from the ancient past into the present and the historical realism gave the impression that the tale might be based on a true story.

There are loads of well-developed characters although at times I found it hard to keep a track of who’s who. The book definitely deserves to be given decent chunks of reading time… it’s not a story to be read in small slices (I read it on holiday and it was the perfect book for long sessions lying in the sun).

While I enjoyed the historical parts of the adventure, I became much more gripped when it moved to the modern times. That’s when the adventure really took off and I thought Orlagh the archaeologist was a super character (maybe that’s something to do with my Irish blood).

Kevin Marsh has a great turn of phrase at times (e.g. ‘A mixture of strong brew and bravado was a deadly catalyst.’) I found myself stopping every so often to reread a phrase I’d particularly enjoyed.

I can happily recommend The Belgae Torc, particularly to anyone who enjoys a bit history and a lot of adventure.