Thursday, 15 October 2015

Autumnal musings

Here in England the weather is turning autumnal.  The crops in the fields around where I live have been gathered in leaving the landscape open and bare but still there are fields lush and green where sheep, born in the spring still live. 

I like this time of the year, especially when the weather is fine with bright open skies, sunlight brushing the tops of trees accentuating the russets and browns, the colours that we associate with the coming of winter.   Evenings drawing in can be a comfort too, snuggling around an open fire, the atmosphere soft with candlelight, the essence of spice perfuming the air.   

During the summer we discovered a source of pine cones.  These make fine fuel for open fires, they burn well giving off heat far longer than wood and sometimes they release a subtle aroma of pine as they burn.  Before using the fire the chimney was swept, something I have not experienced for years.  I remember as a child standing in the back yard with my brother and sister as the sweep swept the chimney, and oh how we cheered the moment a puff of soot shot up into the air heralding the arrival of his brush as it blossomed like a black flower from the pot on the roof. 

Happy days!

Last minute jobs fill my precious weekend, tasks in the garden like pruning trees and bushes, avoiding spider’s webs heavy with dew or things not so pleasant and last minute mowing of the lawns.   Now with the early onset of dusk, I am less inclined to sit outside and enjoy the garden, so I spend more time in my study during the evenings working on my next novel.  Those who are waiting for the next book will cheer no doubt, I have 65,000 words complete, so the book is half way there.  Give it a few months and it will be complete so publication should be early next year. 

Enjoy these autumn days because soon they will be gone and winter will be upon us.

A sobering prospect indeed!

Monday, 5 October 2015

The Gordian Knot

Amazon has reduced the price of the paperback version of my book The Gordian Knot from £9.99 to just £4.63. This is book two in The Torc Trilogy, The Belgae Torc being book one. This offer usually lasts for just one copy, so be quick!