Thursday, 19 January 2017

Working from home has its advantages!

Working in my study on the next book, a psychological thriller about a Cellist called Mia Ashton.
30,000 words now completed so I'm just over 25% done.  Looking for about 120,000 words.

By early afternoon I had arrived at a natural break in the plot so decided to go for a walk, clear my head and seek inspiration.  I live in a beautiful village in the south of England so just a stones throw from my front door I have magnificent views across the fields.  

This is the part of the main road running through the village, views from both directions.

The view from the roadside just after the pig farm.

At the top of the lane this footpath begins.  It goes across the Downs towards the pub about two miles away.  It was along this path that we picked blackberries during the summer.

This lane leads you down behind the village.  Although it was a bright and sunny day, frost remains at the roadside, the temperature just above freezing.

Along here we have beautiful views across farmland.  On a clear day you can see the sea in the distance about ten miles away.

The distant tree line in this photograph is another favourite walk through the woods.  This route leads to another little village pub!

The route back into the village.

This is one of my favourite walks covering about two miles.  Its an ideal forty minute stroll which inspires me to write the next chapter.