Monday, 9 March 2015

This weekend I took a few pictures of the views across my garden and the fields.
The weather was good although a little chilly in the wind.
Spring has definitely arrived.
View across the fields from my bedroom window

Covered walkway runs along the back of the house.  Its great for sitting in out of the chilly wind

The rear of my house; bedroom window
Rear garden looking left
Rear garden looking right

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Springtime in Kent

It's a beautiful day here in The Garden of England.

There was a thin layer of ice on my car this morning but the sun is now shining and the air is clear. I saw lambs in the fields as I drove to work today. The sheep closest to my village seem to have not started lambing yet, they do look rather heavy though so should produce offspring soon.

There was a full moon last night which bathed the land around my house with a gorgeous silver light, and I felt so privileged to live in such beautiful countryside.  Owls were calling to each other in the distant hedgerows and occasionally a night bird would call.  I am rather perplexed though, I have not yet seen evidence of rabbits, no droppings, holes in the banks beneath the hedges around my garden or half eaten undergrowth.  I wonder if this has something to do with the farming methods or is it because of the recent spell of cold weather.  Perhaps they are all curled up somewhere warm and will pop out soon. 

Good weather is forecast for this weekend, so I suspect spring gardening will be at the top of the jobs to do list.  Where ever you are, have a great weekend and enjoy what good weather you might have.


Monday, 2 March 2015

Day off

No work today, having the day off.
Its a sad day because this afternoon I am going to my good friends funeral.  Mike died a couple of weeks ago after a long battle with cancer.

It's interesting to see what its like here in my new house on a Monday morning.  I have not been here on Monday morning before.  Well, spring has definitely sprung.  Its sunny but chilly outside and the view from my bedroom across the fields is stunning.
I'm now in my study catching up on jobs like form filling, ie driving licence change of address, passport renewal, it runs out in June and I will need it when I travel to France for a birthday party in July.
Right, I had better use the next couple of hours constructively, I have a novel to write so had best get on with it.