Sunday, 29 November 2015

Some of my paintings

All of these paintings are acrylic on box canvas approx size 600 X 600mm

A monochrome using Burnt Sienna of various shades

Another monochrome using Paynes Gray of various shades

A mysterious woman who may be a character in a future novel

Josie MacDonald from my novel The Witness.
This painting, minus the wall clock of course, was used was the cover of my book.

I intend to paint more in the future, but at the moment I don't have time what with a full time job and writing novels.  I like the idea of painting the designs for my book covers and I also like to paint images of my characters.

My Study

When working in my study I am usually joined by at least one of my two cats.  Here is Tuppence helping me to write another chapter of the next book in The Torc Trilogy. 

Tuppence looking interested

Tuppence not looking interested!
The battle axe in the background is used to  keep people out when I'm working!

Looking sleepy!

Looking bored!

Smile please!

After thirty years in storage this dusty typewriter takes pride of place.

My study used to be a bedroom hence the rather flowery wallpaper.  I will get round to decorating it, but I quite like it as it is for the moment.

I sometimes like to play background music when I work, so here is my gramophone.  It's an HMV 101 and was made in 1927.  It's all original and works perfectly.  It always puts a smile on my face when I wind it up.  It can be a little loud so sometimes I have to use a record player.

Recently I bought this little portable as I have not played my records in years.  It is just like a briefcase and can be used all around the house.  It is great fun.

This is just some of my book collection.  The broad sword is also a weapon used to repel intruders!

Research notes for my current novel.  Other files contain accounts and ideas for other novels yet to be written.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Torc Trilogy

The third and final book in The Torc Trilogy is currently being written, 66,000 words completed so far.  I need about 115,000 words so just over half way.

Unfortunately this book should have been completed by Easter 2015, but it didn't happen. An extension was granted by my publisher, so October became the new launch date, that time has come... and gone, but still the book is not done.

My only excuse is that I moved home in January and have found it difficult juggling a full time job, helping to re-decorate a new home and writing a book.  It is very frustrating as I desperately want to complete this novel and start the next one.  Ideas are tumbling out of my head and I have notes for at least five books.

There is only one thing for it; I will have to give up the day job!