Friday, 3 February 2017

Pick up a bargain.

Synopsis of my novel The Gordian Knot, the second book in The Torc Trilogy.  The kindle version is on offer from Amazon at just 99p or $1.25 from Thursday 9th February for just one week only, so don't miss out, order your copy on Thursday.

Dr Orlagh Gairne and her partner Jerry Knowles leave Ireland for a well-earned holiday on the Aegean Coast of Turkey.   The last thing on their minds is the Belgae Torc, but soon after arriving at their hotel, they are drawn into a world of druid ceremonies and outdated Nazi idealism.
The Phoenix Legion, still reeling from a humiliating defeat just twelve months earlier, is planning the next phase of their quest.  They are in possession of the torc, but this is not enough to ensure total power so they must rely on the combined forces of the druids and the spirit world.

Jack Harrington and his team, whilst prospecting in the Sea of Azov, make an unexpected discovery and with the past weaving with the present they become involved in a deadly race against time.  Spreading his forces thinly, he must keep Orlagh safe from the clutches of the druids, whilst engaging the Phoenix Legion in a deadly battle to save mankind.

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