Monday, 30 April 2012

Update for The Belgae Torc

Missed my publishing deadline! Never mind, have an extention until Thursday. I have to send my edited manuscript along with aknowledgement page, biography and photo, dedication etc. to the publishers by then. At least I've finalised my cover design and back of book synopsis, the publishers have this now so they have something to work on. So much to do! Am trying to get stuff together for my website which is ongoing, this should be ready to view in a couple of days time. The novel will hopefully be ready to go by the end of May, so am planning a book launch for then or early June. I also have a couple of advertising things going on, a piece in a works magazine, biography, description of novel etc, with a works book signing event, and working with the local paper which should provide publicity for the book launch. A busy time but hopefully it will be worth it, I had better get on with the final read of the edited manuscript then!

Friday, 20 April 2012

The Witness, what the novel is about.

The Witness – Josie MacDonald, a landscape artist is visiting her aunt Molly who lives in the peaceful village of Garmouth near Spey Bay in Morayshire. On a painting trip early one morning Josie was witness to an horrific murder. Mr. Mac, the deranged killer is aware that Josie has seen him at work but after a terrifying chase Josie manages to escape. Mr Mac tracks her down to her home in London where his plan takes an unexpected turn. Josie is forced to bear the brunt of psychological torture and anguish as one by one her friends are drawn into the nightmare. Josie has to return to the scene of crime in order to discover the truth. The story reaches its climax when she unearths a serial killer who has been working in the highlands for nearly thirty years. With time running out and a killer on the lose, Josie has to prevent her abducted friends from becoming victims whilst surviving long enough to bring their terrible ordeal to an end.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Witness

This is one of my paintings, meet Josie MacDonald, the main character in my next novel.
This is how I see Josie, who is incidently an artist in my novel 'The Witness'.
I was inspired to write her story when visiting my sister who used to live near Spey Bay in Morayshire, Scotland. 
Whilst walking along the river in the bay I saw an artist just finishing a watercolour of the old iron bridge which spans the river.  It was then I knew I had a charcter for my novel which at that time was in its embryonic stage.  The manuscript has now been finished for three years and has spent all that time in transit travelling from one literary agents 'slush pile' to another.
I am probably going to publish 'The Witness' towards the end of this year.
Keep a look out here for further information or visit my webite at after 12th April as it's still under construction.
Have fun.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Belgae Torc. What the book is about

The Belgae Torc

England 50 BC - A Celtic symbol of power and wealth, a Torc wrought from white gold, a trophy for a king.

Luain Mac Lanis, warrior turned metal smith, is commissioned to make a magnificent Torc, but he knows nothing of the curse surrounding the strange metal. The only way to lift the curse is to offer the Torc to the Gods in a sacrificial ceremony.

Two thousand years later the Torc is listed on the inventory of a sunken ship. Dr Orlagh Gairne, a leading archaeologist, is sent to work with Jack Harrington and his crew of salvage experts. It’s Orlagh’s job to identify the Torc and ensure its safe delivery to the National Museum, but the operation is not as straightforward as expected. Aided by his team of mercenaries and an historical expert, Jack unearths a wave of hatred spreading across Europe. With the past weaving tightly with the present, they must infiltrate the terrorist’s lair in order to prevent a worldwide catastrophe.


The Belgae Torc

My novel 'The Belgae Torc' is almost ready to be sent to the publisher. 111500 words which have been edited to death! I've read the manuscript a dozen times already and an half way through what I hope is the final edit. The publishers should have it the week after Easter. The odd bits and pieces have all been done ie, the back of book, a short biography and picture, (not good)!. The cover photograph has been selected and also the acknowledgements completed.
Over the next few weeks I'll keep you posted to how its going and publish details of my website and release date.
Have fun everyone.