Sunday, 23 February 2014

Merville Battery Normandy, France

The Merville Battery is situated just a few kilometres from Le Bois des Monts and it was here that fierce fighting took place between the German gunners and men of the 9th Parachute Regiment.

A carefully restored Dakota, these aircraft were extensively used to drop parachute regiments into Normandy.  They were also used to tow gliders full of men and equipment to landing areas all over battle zone.

Views of just a couple of the fortifications used to house huge guns and German soldiers.  British paratroopers were given the task of taking out the guns that were aiming at the beach just a few kilometres away.  Many more Allied troops would have been killed if it was not for the para's, many of whom gave their lives to silence these guns, just before the beach landing began on 6th June 1944.

German soldiers manning one of  the guns that would have fired on the beach.

Le Bois des Monts, Normandy, France

Just returned from France.  We spent a week in Normandy near Caen staying at a family owned house high up on a ridge near Breville-Les-Monts.  The view over Caen, situated about 10km away, is spectacular with some of the best views from our bedroom.  We were able to sit in bed and look out over farmland whilst watching deer who visited the garden each morning.

Le Bois des Monts saw some fierce fighting during WWII and the house and gardens are regularly visited by men who fought there during the summer of 1944.


Views of Le Bois des Monts that served as British Headquarters during June 1944 as troops fought to secure the Normandy landings.

Literally just across the road German soldiers were stationed in the Châteaux.

There are several dedications to the men who fought and died here scattered along the road and in the villages.  This one stands at the entrance to the garden and is dedicated to the men of the Black Watch Highlanders.

Today Le Bois des Monts is a happy and peaceful place ideal for a holiday.

The heated swimming pool is a fantastic place to relax and unwind after a busy day.

The extensive grounds are a beautiful place to stroll.  There are woodpeckers, owls and a range of other wild birds to be seen.  Deer also visit the garden in the morning and evening.  There is also a tack room and stables in the grounds.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

More pictures from Camberley

Daisy White's Booktique arrived at Camberley on 1st February.  We were there in the shopping Mall to promote our books and artwork, and to cause a little mayhem!

Some of us soon got into the spirit of things and began transforming into furry creatures

Carol, author of Evil Woman and Laura, artist and writer

Our young models, Chloe and Pearl, with me acting the fool

Our models at work advertising our books, Evil Woman and The Witness

We had a great time, many of the shoppers joined us for photographs and were generally keen to hear about the art of writing novels. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Book promotion and other stuff!

We had a great day in Camberley on Saturday 1st February.  I finally met Daisy, author and owner of Daisy White's Booktique.  She organises promotional events for artists and writers all over the South of England, (and expanding up north)!, under the banner or 'Daisy White's Pop up Shops'.
As you can see, I decided to go dressed as an eccentric, (or mad), author.  It did the trick as people stopped to have their photgraphs taken with me, some even just took pictures of my shoes!
Hopefully there will some more pictures of this event soon.

Other News

The next book in 'The Torc Trilogy' is pretty much finished, just checking the ending to make sure enough loose ends have been tied.  I'm now fully committed to the first edit, trying to find and iron out all the awkward bits.  It will be a few months yet before this process is complete as the manuscript has to be proof read and tweeked to perfection.

I'm also working on the design for the cover.  I want it to be in keeping with The Belgae Torc and have some ideas as how it should look.  I will be working quite closely with Mark, my publisher, regarding the artwork and design.

The third and final part of the trilogy is begining to form in my head and I have notes and research material piling up in my study.  I must get those into a folder before they find their way into the recycling bin!

I'm off to France for a few days from next weekend, so you never know, I might chance upon inspiration for something completely new.  I'm working on notes for another book in the series that follows The Witness, it won't be a sequel, but some of the character in The Witness will also appear in the next book.  I'm hoping to produce five books that overlap in someway.  I'm quite excited about this as characters are popping up all the time and they all have their stories to tell!