Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Witness

The Witness is my first psychological thriller and is the first book in a series that overlap.  The books are not planned as sequels, but characters from one book will appear in another as they are all set around the same area at the same time.
ISBN 978-1-78222-068-8

Landscape artist Josie MacDonald is coming to the end of her stay in Scotland. Whilst out on a painting trip early one morning she witnesses a horrific murder. Mr Mac, the deranged killer, is aware that she has seen him at work and sets out to kill her but Josie manages to escape by plunging desperately into the North Sea. Mr Mac, convinced that she has perished, discovers a few days later that she has survived and sets out to track her down. He follows her to London where he subjects her to terrible psychological torment as one by one her friends are drawn into the nightmare. Josie returns to Scotland in order to discover the truth where her worst fears are realised. With time running out and a killer on the loose she must survive long enough to bring their horrifying ordeal to an end.

This is the original artwork for the book cover.
 Josie is painted using acrylics on a 500mm x 500mm box canvas and was
 displayed at the book launch

What my readers are saying:-

By DragonOne on 20 Mar. 2014
Format: Paperback
I love a book that starts into the action from page one and doesn't let up until the final page and this is one of those books. The lead character, Josie is a landscape painter and who'd have thought that there could be any trouble resulting from that? Sometimes trouble has a habit of finding people that weren't looking for it and unfortunately for Josie, she has attracted the attentions of a killer and like a dog with the proverbial bone, he will hound her from one end of the UK to the other and back again, as many times as it takes for as long as it takes until he snags her. We are with her all of the way, which is edge of the seat stuff and the author doesn't cheat by making a bad guy's actions appear to be anything other than bad, no matter what his childhood was like.
A Good Mystery!
By Kimberly Eve on 6 Aug. 2013
Format: Paperback
I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Witness' by Kevin Marsh. It is such a well written and engrossing story. It starts off dramatically and does not let you down as the story progresses. As you get to know the characters, I found them 'all' likeable! I know, even the killer known as 'Mr. Mac' is written with such realistic psychological insight, that I couldn't hate him. I didn't pity him either, which is a true credit to the writing of the author. Instead, I wanted to find out what made him tick and why he targeted Josie. Of course, the reader knows most of the why or at least we think we do!

This is a real page-turner. I had to keep reading to find out what would happen! Highly recommended.
Format: Paperback
... and produces another page turner! Different in tone from The Belgae Torc, this second thriller from Kevin Marsh, features an array of interesting characters, whom you will come to care about and fear for in equal measure, as each of them are drawn into the dark, insane world of the psychotic, Mr Mac. Once again, this one holds onto you and refuses to let go. Highly recommended.

Extremly gripping, 16 July 2013
Fantastic piece of writing, really enjoyed every part of this book. Can't put it down for to long. Can't wait to see what Kevin will produce next! Big fan!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Sequel to The Belgae Torc

ISBN 978-1782222651
The Gordian Knot

(The second book in 'The Torc Trilogy')

Twelve months has passed since the traumatic events that almost claimed her life and Dr Orlagh Gairne is looking forward to a well-earned holiday. With her partner, Jerry, they jet off for the Aegean coast where they plan to make the most of the Mediterranean sun and visit the ancient sites of Anatolia.
The Phoenix Legion, still reeling from a humiliating defeat, have re-grouped and are now planning the next phase of their quest. They are in possession of the Belgae Torc, but this is not enough to ensure total power so they must rely on the druids and their connection with the spirit world.
Whilst searching for treasure in the Sea of Azov, Jack Harrington and his team make an unexpected discovery and with the past merging with the present are unable to avoid being drawn in to another deadly battle.
The Belgae Torc, Jack Harrington and The Phoenix Legion are far from her thoughts, but as Orlagh enjoys her holiday with the man she loves, these forces come together. Will she manage to avoid another conflict or will she become a victim of circumstances that are beyond her control?

What my readers are saying:-

By Kimberly Eve on 17 Aug. 2014
Format: Paperback
This is the third novel by Kevin Marsh that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. Now, I love Celtic history mainly involving Ireland and Britain and have read numerous novels headed under the theme of ‘Time Travel’ (yikes) but when it comes to The Gordian Knot he has continued the plot by involving a World War II storyline with a Germanic Paganism subtext! Don’t worry, you don’t have to know very much about the history of the war so don’t let this throw you off in any way! Simply, there is so much adventure, espionage, spy tactics, juxtaposed against a present day storyline and Celtic mythology the reader will not be able to stop reading!

For instance, some of my favorite chapters involved Orlagh’s past issues with the Druids, being haunted by Goddesses and a certain love story that plays out with Jerry Knowles.The Gordian Knot is a true historic adventurous tale that I hope everyone will seek out and enjoy.

There is a lot going on from chapter to chapter, a lot of history during various eras supported by a brilliant cast of characters. The sense of place is presented so succinctly that you would swear you were standing right there in the room! Hopefully, readers will not get overwhelmed with all the action, blood and guts. There is romance, friendship and humor beautifully written within these pages. The author has done his research and his passion for history comes across clearly.

My hope is that everyone gives The Gordian Knot a chance and buys it for themselves. I promise it is a beautiful and engaging read. However, take note that there is a prequel of sorts called, The Belgae Torc. So, if you want an introduction to Orlagh, Jerry, and The Celts, why not check out The Belgae Torc as well!
By Keith D. Taylor on 20 April 2015
Format: Paperback
The Gordian Knot, which is the sequel to the Belgae Torc, is every bit as fast moving and exciting as its predecessor. Kevin writes about subjects which he has obviously researched very thoroughly, and it makes for a very entertaining read. It's a book that was hard to put down, and I am looking forward to the third book in this series when it comes out.
Pick up your paperback or e-book copy from Amazon or can be ordered from any good book shop.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Book preview

                                                                   ISBN 978-1-908341-82-2

The Belgae Torc

England 50 BC - A Celtic symbol of power and wealth, a Torc wrought from white gold, a trophy for a king. Luain Mac Lanis, warrior turned metal smith, is commissioned to make a magnificent Torc, but he knows nothing of the curse surrounding the strange metal. The only way to lift the curse is to offer the Torc to the Gods in a sacrificial ceremony. Two thousand years later the Torc is listed on the inventory of a sunken ship. Dr Orlagh Gairne, a leading archaeologist, is sent to work with Jack Harrington and his crew of salvage experts. It's Orlagh's job to identify the Torc and ensure its safe delivery to the National Museum, but the operation is not as straightforward as expected. Aided by his team of mercenaries and an historical expert, Jack unearths a wave of hatred spreading across Europe. With the past weaving tightly with the present, they must infiltrate the terrorists' lair in order to prevent a worldwide catastrophe.

What my readers are saying:-

By A. Lawrence on 18 Sept. 2012
Format: Paperback
A wonderful mix of history and fiction that kept me reading far longer than intended. I couldn't it put down! It had me trawling the internet to find out more about the settings and references as I felt the need to get closer to the characters. As the read progresses the story twists and turns and the action speeds up to the point where putting the book down would be a mistake.

When's the next one Kevin???

By Kimberly Eve on 7 Sept. 2013
Format: Paperback
I happen to love Celtic history whether it be Irish, English, Welsh, French and even Italian Celtic history of The Gauls. So, when I read The Belgae Torc, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Author, Kevin Marsh writes with detailed beauty and clarity about the many characters and history you'll find here. The story was engaging, and I found myself wanting to do some research about this 'Belgae Torc'. If you enjoy historical stories that are intriguing and dramatic with a well written plot and even humor, then I encourage you to give The Belgae Torc a try. I would recommend it to all my friends who enjoy Celtic history.
By Stylo on 27 Aug. 2012
Format: Paperback
I was attracted by the historical setting of the novel and, on reading it, wasn't disappointed with the way the story developed into a fast paced adventure! I particularly enjoyed the first part of the story, set in England 50 BC. Great description in this section and creation of believable characters. The book contains alot of historical references which I found informative and interesting! I even found I was not deterred by the technical detail in the novel (surprisingly for me!!)
and felt the author had researched well. In all, an interesting storyline with lots of twists and turns - a book that was hard to put down!!
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Monday, 4 May 2015

Bluebells in Kent

Just a short walk from where we live we discovered the woods carpeted with bluebells.  

The light on the trees was beautiful

The leaves on the branches are tiny but more will grow filling this space with green

Down at ground level the bluebells were numerous

It looks like a meadow in the woods

Spring has definitely arrived.  The birds were singing and the sunshine warm, although there was still a sharp bite to the breeze.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Out in a Ferrari

Yesterday my neighbour came to introduce himself  and we spent a pleasant half an hour discussing things over a mug of coffee.  later in the day he called round again to ask if I would like to have a go in his Ferrari.  How many times does that happen during the average Saturday? so without hesitation I took him up on his offer.
His Ferrari is a rare beast as it has four seats, known as a Mondial 2x2 it sports a 3.5l V8 engine that delivers not only 300 horses but a tyrannosaurus roar when the throttle is opened up.  With 0-60 in just a few seconds the car took off along the bypass leaving us both with huge grins splitting our faces.  What a rush of speed and what a sound.  Fantastic doesn't seem to sum up the experience, but I'm sure its one that I will have the opportunity to repeat again soon. 

Friday, 1 May 2015

Book sales


Copies of my books have been selling this week.  The Witness and The Belgae Torc have both displayed an upward trend in both book and kindle format sales.
May people continue to purchase my books but more importantly enjoy reading them.  Please don't forget to leave positive feedback.