Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Signed copies

Signed copies of my latest novel The Cellist can be purchased from my website:-  


Mia Ashton, a hard working young cellist has always dreamt of playing to large audiences.  With a series of classical concerts designed to help boost her career and the support of an agent, her desire to become a top class musician is finally within her reach, but then tragedy strikes.
One of her colleagues is found dead soon after performing with Mia and this sets off a chain reaction that threatens to destroy everything that she has worked for.  Living in the shadow of a serial killer stirs memories from her past, pushing her ever closer to breaking point. 
Will Mia find the strength to carry on or will the killer put an end to her dreams?

Perhaps the price of fame is too great.

Order your signed copy today for just £9.99 postage included (UK Only)

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