Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Books going abroad

I have just heard that another of my novels has been sent to Canada, that's two now.  One I left in France with the people we rented the gite from, they were quite excited about the fact that a real live author had stayed in their gite!  Two more have gone to Australia and another to Spain.
I've had requests to send two out to New Zealand but what with the cost of posting I think they should buy from Amazon.com
No books sold yet in the USA and am still waiting for the rest of Europe to start buying.  I also have followers from Russia, no sales there yet either!
Perhaps it's early days and book sales will soon soar, I would like to think so.
Anyone in the UK who have purchaed from Amazon already, please don't forget to leave feedback, I want to see five stars appear on my rating!  That would be nice.  Anyway, enjoy reading my book because I have already started the sequel but that won't be out for about a year.  In the meantime my novel The Witness, previewed in an earlier blog, will probably be out by next Easter.
Have fun and enjoy the sunshine before it's too late!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Back to the real world!

Arrived back in England on Saturday evening after 11 hours of travelling.  We missed a deluge on Friday and another on Saturday morning, my garden was waterlogged and the plants had gone mad, further evidence that the two weeks we were away there was plenty of rain in the south of England.  The weather here now is hot, higher temperatures than we had in France, where's the justice in that? 
Sales of my novel The Belgae Torc are not yet sufficient for me to give up work and write full time, is this just another dream or will it come true?  They say that 5% of writers reap 95% of the spoils and what's left is shared amongst the majority.  Not much chance there then I hear my wife say but then I live in hope, or do I live in a dream world?
Still in holiday mode, I'm dreaming in French and still think the Loire is just a short stroll away.
I did at least draft 10,000 words and make notes about my new novel, a sequel to The Belgae Torc.  It was a great feeling of satisfaction sitting in the sunshine writing again, so much of my time lately has been organising the publication and launch of my novel.  Now at least I've made inroads on a new project and am now having to reasearch again which I love doing, finding out about things and learning stuff that I never would think about normally.  Anyway, as I said earlier, back to the real world but at least there is an element of fantasy in my life, my new novel is coming together.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Writing in France

The weather has taken a turn for the better with no more rain and the temperature has improved significantly, today we enjoyed temperatures of 25 degrees C.  Planning what we do on a daily basis around the weather, if it's hot we stay local and return to the gite early to enjoy the sun and the pool.  We have some longer distances to travel to see far off towns and chateaux but will save those for cooler days.
On the writing front, I have drafted up 10,000 words for the sequal to The Belgae Torc, it's a good feeling getting up close and personal with the characters again.  It's like I'm on holiday with some old friends!  Had some great feedback from those who have read my book, fortunately not many have noticed the errors!  Keep it coming, and don't forget to write it up on Amazon if you can.
Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, it's great to know you are there.

Friday, 13 July 2012

The Belgae Torc

Have just spent a very wet day indoors reading my novel and unfortunately I have found a number of errors.  Mainly words that should have been removed but most alarmingly spelling a name wrong.  It's one of the Celtic names but even so I should have edited more closely.  I did a computer search looking for this name inparticular but I relied too much on technology, what a silly thing to do!  The novel will be updated but the only positive I can draw from this is the books I have sold already will be unique, okay wrongly so but surely that makes them special?!  Try telling that the all the citiques out there.
Sorry to all those who have one of these copies but as I say they are rare and hopefully one day will be worth a fortune!  Live in hope. :-)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

In France and writing

Holiday going well with hot weather and an occasional shower.  My French is improving greatly, I don't actually care what I say as long as it sounds good!  No not really but most of the French people I talk to laugh!!!  I have started writing a sequal to my novel The Belgae Torc, I have the first three chapters roughed out and I have a plot developing.  My note book is begining to fill up with scenes and dialogue but it's early days yet.  France is such a great place in which to write, the atmosphere here is pretty laid back and I'm in holiday mode anyway.  I'm relaxed enough to be creative without too many thoughts of work.  It is really quiet in the village where we are staying, the only noise is from the birds singing and the church bell chiming the hour.  The magnificent church is situated just a few yards from our gite but at least the bell stops between 11pm and 7am.  We are just off to try out the local Auberge, support the local community.  It's a lovely evening and I can have a drink and not drive as it's only a five minute stagger away! :-)

Friday, 6 July 2012


Off to France tomorrow for a well earned rest.  I am, however, taking loads of notes and writing materials as I have a novel on the go and also a sequal to The Belgae Torc bubbling away under the surface.
I also have permission from my long suffering wife to write whilst in France.
I intend taking my laptop so I can keep in touch with 'stuff', probably won't bother turning it on once I'm there especially when the wine starts to flow!
I hope all of you who bought a copy of The Belgae Torc are well into it by now and are enjoying it immensely, don't forget to leave me feedback on amazon.
Have fun wherever you are.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Book signing

Had a lunchtime book signing and cream cake event at work today, had to bribe them with cakes!  Sold seven books with five more ordered for tomorrow, had some good initial feedback and interesting conversations regarding writing the novel and publishing etc.  Off to France for this Saturday for two weeks so will be working on the next novel.  When I get back will have to begin an intensive marketing startegy.  Not sure how I will fit it all in and write the next book!  No peace for the wicked!!!

Monday, 2 July 2012

My book launch was a success, an enjoyable experience where I sold and signed 40 books.
Much wine was consumed by just over 50 guests and a plesasant evening was had on the balcony of the Horsebridge Arts and Community centre in Whitstable.
It was so good to see family and friends, even a few strangers, friends of friends who all seemed more than willing to read my book.