Sunday, 22 February 2015

Evil Woman Takes Revenge

Evil Woman Takes Revenge is the latest book from Carol Creasey.
The sequel to Evil Woman will be available from Amazon on 26th June.
Carol will be signing copies of her latest book at Canterbury Library in Kent on 4th July so why not drop in for a chat with the author and pick up a signed copy of Evil Woman Takes Revenge.


Having spent four years locked up following a crime she didn't do, Sadie Morton-Brown once again uses her seductive charm to convince the authorities, male and female, that she is no longer a danger to society.
She is anxious to return to her daughter Danielle, who lives with Sadie's parents together with her nanny Alice, the woman Sadie knows is responsible for killing Danielle's father, her only true love.
The quiet of Herne Bay in Kent, where her parents now live, is darkly disturbed by the arrival of Sadie. There is revenge to be had on Alice, and the incredible secret carried between herself and her mother is finally unleashed. But her disgust at the family's friendship with Nathan, the man she had left for dead, turns to unexpected love and marriage.

Although Sadie appears normal, her jealous character is unable to lose those dark, malevolent murderous thoughts and actions; she still disposes of those she dislikes, and the evil devastation she left behind in the USA, long before her incarceration, lurks in the background throughout everything, waiting to pounce.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Kindle price slashed!

The price of The Belgae Torc, the first book in The Torc Trilogy series, has been reduced. 
The Kindle version is now just £3.59 or $5.41, (a 64% reduction).
Why not check out my reviews on Amazon or Goodreads.
Kimberly said:-
'I happen to love Celtic history whether it be Irish, English, Welsh, French and even Italian Celtic history of The Gauls. So, when I read The Belgae Torc, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Author, Kevin Marsh writes with detailed beauty and clarity about the many characters and history you'll find here. The story was engaging, and I found myself wanting to do some research about this 'Belgae Torc'. If you enjoy historical stories that are intriguing and dramatic with a well written plot and even humor, then I encourage you to give The Belgae Torc a try. I would recommend it to all my friends who enjoy Celtic history.'
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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Boiler fixed!

I went home last night to a very warm house.  The boiler has been fixed and the heating is working.  We also gained internet access yesterday.  Our usual telephone service was unable to supply the internet as we are ‘out in the country’, so we had to get a wireless system.  It all seems to work splendidly, so we are back in business.

I always believed that life in the country would be quieter and much calmer than living in a city or town.  It’s certainly quiet where we are and the people in our village seem friendly enough.  I just hope that when the upset of moving has died down and all the jobs around the house are sorted, then a quiet life will ensue.  I really need to get back into writing the third book in The Torc Trilogy series.  I admit to be reading through what is already written and am now picking up the threads of the story.  I will soon be able to develop the plot further, but I will not make my Easter deadline.  100,000 words left to write, so I need a few more months please Mr Publisher!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Boiler failure

It’s very bright weather at the moment and the sun is shining, however it's freezing cold and we have no central heating. The oil fired boiler that serves the heating and hot water to the house we moved into just three weeks ago has decided to stop working. Luckily we have a small but effective electric heater; the hot water can be heated using an emersion heater and an open fire in our living room.

We have an engineer working on the problem, but it has taken him three days of hard work to dismantle the five year old boiler and diagnose the problem. The boiler has been serviced regularly but it was not fitted correctly when it was installed. Rain water has got in to the exhaust flue and corrosion has set in rendering the internals useless. Hopefully the thing will be working today, but it still might mean replacing the unit before next winter.

Along with no internet connection and our cats regularly murdering rodents and devouring them outside the back door, my poor wife is in a state of despair.  She is beginning to think that our idyllic move to the country is becoming something of a nightmare.  I disagree; things will only get better, (hopefully)! :-)


Thursday, 5 February 2015

Settling into village life

At last the house is pretty much sorted out.  New furniture has arrived and now we can invite friends and family to our new home.  We have a bit of decorating to do but most of the rooms are to our taste.
Last evening I actually took up my red pen and manuscript and worked on my next novel.  I must admit that I have not looked at it for a while, there has been far too much to do over the last few weeks, but now I feel I have the capacity to work on it again.  I'm well behind schedule for an Easter release, currently I have only about 25,000 words, so need to write about another 100,000.
If I can get back into the plot and get going again I guess it will take about six months to complete then the editing and proof reading can begin.  Maybe a November release would be just the job to attract sales at Christmas.  That sounds like a good marketing plan so I had better get on with it.
At lease my publisher will like the idea of that!