Thursday, 31 January 2013

Reading The Belgae Torc, (again)!

I'm about half way through reading The Belgae Torc.  The preview of the Kindle version was sent to me by my publisher and I have to give it the go ahead before it can be launched.  It's strange reading it again, I have of course done this so many times before.  I have discovered a few things that I would do differently, my writing style has developed since writing the novel.  I don't really want to change anything on the Kindle version, it should remain a copy of the paperback version.  I now realise why some writers years down the line re-write their earlier novels, I also realise that maybe I was too hasty editing the book before it was published.  A lesson well learnt, but all the same the book is a very good read, and its also going to take some beating.  So no pressure with writing the seqel then!

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Still working, editing 'The Witness', only 50 pages left to complete the second edit. This reading is to iron out any awkward paragraphs and identify typos, spelling errors and grammar irregularities. As soon as this is done I will read it again just to make sure that I have found everything and to ensure the book reads right. Maria, my wife, also my harshest critic, will read it and no doubt report back with comments that I would rather not hear! There could, as a result, be more work to do before the manuscript is ready for my publisher. In order to hit the book launch date of 22nd March, the manuscript has to be with my publisher by mid February at the latest, even then it will be a tight schedule. Other news:- I have just received the Kindle draft of my novel 'The Belgae Torc'. The book is about to be launched on Kindle but first I have to read it through to make sure that it has converted correctly. I have to give the go ahead before my publisher can make the book available on Kindle, so even more work to do!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Another good one.

Books are perfect entertainment; no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for every penny spent.

My wife doesn't understand!

Writers can be possessive of their time especially during a creative phase.

I like this one!

People watching and listening to conversations can be perceived as a little rude, but it’s what writers do.

Another quote

Writers have a habit of getting lost in thought sometimes, distracted during conversation or even talking to someone who isn’t there.

'and I quote'

Writing is hard work, both in terms of process and emotional ups and downs. Sometimes your friends and family don’t understand. Granted, there are few excuses for rudeness or shirking your responsibilities, but writers can be weird sometimes, and usually there’s an explanation.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday and working!

Hurrah, finished the technical edit of my novel The Witness.  I'm now reading the manuscript through searching for irregularities and typos.  Some of the paragraphs and phrases need tidying up so a couple of further readings will be necessary.  The story reads well so far, it always looks different when seeing the complete picture.  When editing you are often focusing on paragraphs at a time.  Troublesome paragraphs can take a long time to get right then when reading it back it only takes seconds.  I bought a netbook last week and am doing a lot of my editing on that, it saves reams of printing and loads of money on ink.  The little machine is more convenient to read from than my laptop, it's compact and can be carried everywhere, just like a kindle.
I have just signed the publishing contract for The Witness and am now committed to getting the text sorted and sent off to the publisher by the first week in February.  The artwork for the cover is being done next week and I expect to see the proofs very soon.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Birthday cakes

Its my birthday today so here I sit typing up this blog with a cream cake in hand.  Another year closer to retirement you might say, but the goal posts will no doubt move again before I reach that magic age.  Anyway, official retirement is a long way off yet.  No editing for me this evening as I'm going out for a meal, but will catch up tomorrow!   :-)   I'm currently looking to purchase a Netbook, a mini laptop to help with my editing.  I use a laptop for everything but find it a little too large to carry around.  I have a kindle which is great, I never thought I'd get on with it as I love books, anyway, I can't use that for editing so the next best thing I think is a netbook.  I looked at an ipad but don't think it's for me, at least a netbook will be compatable with my laptop and my files can be used on both.  If you have any comments or advice on this subject then I will be pleased to hear from you.  I will probably buy a netbook this weekend.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Give up the day job!

Fifty pages left to edit but today enjoying a day off.  Had friends round last night for a meal so feeling fat and slightly sore headed, not a good combination for editing. 
Christmas decorations have now been taken down and our house returned to normal for another year but its back to work for me tomorrow.  Not a good prospect as I have so much to do preparing my manuscript for publication.  When not at work I become quite creative and have loads of good ideas, writing becomes much easier and natural.  I find that my most creative time is between six in the morning and about two in the afternoon, tomorrow though I will have to begin writing in the evening again after a day at work.  Oh well not to worry, just have to keep telling myself that one day I will be able to give up the day job and write novels full time. 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Working from home.

Been working on this computer for almost nine and a half hours now and still there are 145 pages left to edit.  My eyes feel like they are on stalks and words keep whirling in front of my face!  Will probably dream about Josie Mac Donald, my main character in The Witness, tonight.  Time to stop me thinks and do a spot of rest and recouperation.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Carry on editing!

Now the festivties are over (booo)! I have a few days to get down to some serious work.  I don't go back to work until the 7th Jan, (the day before my birthday)! so I can spend the next few days doing some serious editing on my next novel, The Witness.  I can also pretend that I do this full time, writing novels for a living, now that's a thought!
Happy New Year everyone.